Thanks for Nothing? (Season 5 of Rizzoli & Isles)


Given that most of Season 5 is in the can and my interest to watch the remaining episodes is more or less gone, it’s time for a summary of Rizzoli & Isles under Jan Nash. 
Warning: This post is pretty long because it looks at all aspects of the show.

For those who prefer the short version:
While we have seen glimpses of what Season 5 (and the show as a whole) could have been, there was nothing special about the first twelve episodes delivered by Nash & Co. Whenever there was a chance to leave a memorable impression, the writers chickened out and left everything to the viewers’ imagination.
Granted, some of the problems in Season 5 were inherited from Janet Tamaro, but all of them could have been solved – with just a little more passion and attention to detail.

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